My first running shoes since high school!

Hello! Happy Sunday! I had trouble yesterday posting this. The internet wasn’t functioning very well and I had a pretty busy day. So, to prevent this in the future I will have everything written before hand and previously scheduled. That being said let’s get into what’s important. The shoes.


When I was in school I would buy running shoes every year. They were mandatory for PE class. Also they always had to be either all white or black depending of the uniform. Boring!


So when I finish school I really didn’t need running shoes, so I didn’t buy them anymore. Why would I? But since this semester I start taking acting lessons I need running shoes and sweatpants, and they have to be faboulous, Right? Right.


So I went ahead and got my self these babies. They are by the brand FILA. They have my favorite colors; black and pink. I haven’t had my class just yet so I haven’t had the chance to wear them out. But I’m looking forward to it.

That’s it for today. Hope you enjoy it and read me on my next post.




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