#ShoeSaturday – My studded black pumps

Happy Saturday!

Is it crazy that I look forward to the weekend to write my shoe blog post? Well I love shoes, don’t blame me.

Today I’m going to introduce you to probably my favorite pair of shoes. At least one of my top Five. I had been seeing these just about anywhere on the internet and I wanted them sooo bad! I mean, they are AWESOME!!



So when I saw them at ElaΒ I was sure I had to have them. Right? Right. Plus I had a 25% discount coupon to use at the store, so I had a great deal on them and a pair of sneakers that I will feature in another post in the future. Score!

They are actually pretty comfortable to walk in, as long as I don’t wear them with thights cause then they can be kind of slippery. Sadly the cap it’s really delicate and can be damaged easily so I have to change that soon so that I can wear them again.


I have also been seeing flat version of these and I must admit, I want them. So I don’t promise to resist them if I find them at a store nearby. I WILL buy them and you will be the first to see them!

Hope you love this style cause it’s everywhere!

Until next time!




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