#ShoeSaturday – Comfy booties

Happy Saturday!

I’ve seen during this week that a lot of people have been reading my blog and I got some new followers, (hi there!) and it makes me so happy everytime someone comments, follows or like my posts. Thank you so much for your support! I’m glad that you are enjoying it as much as I do, seripusly why didn’t I started bloggin before??


Today’s shoes are also a Colombian product, I got them at a little shoe store near my aunt’s house. They are so eye catching and I always get a lot of compliments on them whenever I wear them.


I have to be honest and tell you, they were a pain in the butt the first couple times I wore them. They were so stiff they would hurt my feet really bad but after drowning them in rubbing alcohol and wearing them with thick socks they were just fine. Although when I wear them with tights I wear short socks over them cause they can get a little uncomfortable.


They are also great for rainy days cause water won’t get inside, and they are very comfortable. Great for when I don’t want to wear really high heels but still want to look put together.

Hope you enjoy it!




4 thoughts on “#ShoeSaturday – Comfy booties”

  1. I honestly love your blog! Why has no one thought to make a blog about shoes before, it’s such a great idea, and who doesn’t love shoes! These boots will wear perfectly this fall as the punk style is currently in fashion.


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