#ShoeSaturday – My sky high Oxfords

Happy Saturday!
Today I’m back again showing you a pair of my shoes.


This are probably my highest shoes. I got them at the รฉxito while grocery shopping last year.


They are very inclined so it was a challenge to get used to walking on them, but once I learned it was a piece of cake.


Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of flats cause of the opera rehearsals so it was a bit uncomfortable to wear them again. But since I don’t have any more rehearsals I can go back to wearing heels.

Hope you enjoyed!  Read me next week.


4 thoughts on “#ShoeSaturday – My sky high Oxfords”

  1. Hi! I know what you mean, by after some time just wearing flats, going back to heels and feeling a bit uncomfortable… it has happened to me as well! I liked your shoes very much! At first I thought they were a certain brand I know, but they are not – and they look very beautiful!


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