#ShoeSaturday – My lace up wedges

Happy Saturday!
(It’s actually Sunday, I had Internet issues so it was delayed)
Have you ever loved something so much that you wanted it in every color?
Well that’s happened with these.


They are actually the first pairs I bought with my own money when I was around 14. I remember seeing them in stores and wanting to have them. I had been saving the entire year to be able to buy them and some other stuff. And I got them on sale!


These were probably the first signs of my shoe-a-holism. I was so happy when I finally got them! Actually the blue ones are a size up cause they didn’t have my size in that color but the difference isn’t too much.


Unfortunately I don’t wear them that often cause they tend to give me blisters and where I lived now it rains like crazy and I don’t want to ruin them.Β  But they’re very dear to my heart.
Hope you enjoyed! Let me know in the comments what other kind of contents you would like to see in the blog.
Read me next week!


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