#ShoeSaturday – new in, old out: slippers

Happy Saturday!
Every once in a while I will be doing a new in old out post. Whenever I replaced old shoes with new ones. Sometimes no matter how much you adore something there comes a time to let it go.
Now is the turn of my slippers.


I’ve had these bugs bunny slippers since I was around 14. Almost 10 years ago! I still love them but they are too old, and I’m always terrified of tripping down the stars with them. So as much as it hurts it’s time to say goodbye.


And welcome this new pair of slippers. They are grown up appropiate. Insanely cushioned in the inside and perfect to wear after a long day in stilettos. As much as we love our high heels our feet need some rest at night.


They are also very well attached to my feet so my chances of tripping are less. Although I’m pretty clumsy so I may trip anyway, but it won’t be the shoes fault.
I hope you enjoyed today’s post!
Have a great weekend!


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