#FavoriteFriday – My new planner!

Happy Friday!!

I hope you ended your week in an awesome way! I was invited to have luch at my boyfriend’s with his parents and his sister and ended up going to the movies with them. And then we ended up going to a library and school supplies store and I remembered I wanted to get a new planner. After reading Elle Fowler’s planner and sticker obsession blog post I changed my mind about quitting using planners and I found my sticker collectio from when I was younger so I couldn’t help it!


So after looking at a whole lot of diffetent options while my boyfriend stared at me amazed by my excitement over a planner, I went for a small one, I’ve used bigger ones before but I find that somedays I really don’t have that much to use and since I carry them with me all the time they tend to be too heavy on my bag, and it has cats all over it! What’s not to love about it? It is by a brazilian brand called Tilibra.


I also liked the fact that I can see the whole week in one opening so I know what’s coming, the older ones I used to have had only two days per page so I wouldn’t really be able to see the whole week at once. So I hope this way I don’t get behind on stuff, get more organized and don’t waste a lot of space on days I don’t have that much to do. Let me know in the comments if you want me to write about how I organize it, cause I’m super excited!

Also, this #FridayFavorite section is going to be everyother friday for now cause I don’t want to compromise too much since I already have a lot of other new sections on my blog. I hope you enjoyed and read me tomorrow on #ShoeSaturday 🙂




6 thoughts on “#FavoriteFriday – My new planner!”

  1. i’ve never really been big on planners. maybe that’s why i consistently forget about meetings and appointments haha. i ought to be better about that… 🙂 nice post!


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