Make up

#MakeUpMonday – More like #NOMAKEUPMONDAY!

Happy Monday!

Hope you are having a great start of the week. I know this section of my blog is dedicated to talk about makeup and beauty and all that jazz, but today I wanted to hop on Demi Lovato’s band wagon to remind you that it’s ok to let the world see you without makeup. Last week she posted and instagram picture with the following caption:

Forgot to post this a while back… Let’s start a new Twitter/Instagram trend: #NoMakeupMonday… Why? Cause we deserve to show the world our beauty and our confidence!!! #NMM #NoMakeupMonday#DevonneByDemi

It’s not the first time she posts a makeup free selfie but the message she sent caught on and now instagram is filled with makeup free selfies! yay! Don’t get me wrong, I love make up and I love to use it to enhance my beauty treats but I’m absoloutely fine with going out without make up and sometimes I’m just too lazy to put make up on so I go naked faced! I actually never wear makeup on Sundays and Festives (Unless I HAVE to) So I’m going to share my naked face selfie and I want you to join in on instagram and twitter with Demi’s hashtags.

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PS: I didn’t use any filter either 🙂

Hope you enjoyed today’s post.



“Be the Change.”

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