It’s my 24th birthday


I’m not one to be too opened about my private life or feelings, but to be honest I don’t feel like celebrating today. I’m turning 24 and I’m not feeling very accomplished. When I was a teenager I had plans for my future but I feel like none of that has happened.  I dropped out of college, went back after a couple of years and I’m not doing exactly well.
My professional life is nothing compared to what I had planned for myself. I mean, I hoped that by this age I would have a master degree and I’m still in undergrad. You know what I mean?  I feel stuck, like I’m not going anywhere in my career and that is frustrating.
My personal life is fine and I’m living alone but what has always been my main concern is not going well.
Btw: the picture is from a birthday when I was a kid. I believe my 9th birthday.
I just wanted to express how I feel.


11 thoughts on “It’s my 24th birthday”

  1. Hey don’t beat yourself up. I struggled at uni, had to take a year out due to health problems but eventually graduated with my degree. I’m not doing the job I planned but I absolutely love the one I have. Planning sometimes puts you under too much pressure. Happy Birthday 🙂

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  2. Hi. . . . I too quit my studies, but not because of plans or health issues. . . But, I didn’t find that ‘Fire’ in that! I’m an undergrad. . .
    Anyway. . . Its ur b’day. . .
    Let’s Party. . .
    Yappyy B’Dayyy Lanyyyy. . . .
    Yappyyy B’Dayyy Lanyyyy…..

    I know I’m a terrible singer sometimes!!
    Still, Yappy B’Day!


  3. I relate to this post so much. I haven’t celebrated a birthday in years because I feel so unaccomplished. But we have to remember what we have achieved. It sounds like you are living on your own and independent. That is something to be proud of.


  4. Hey, I feel like I wasted my entire 20’s… I’m almost 33 and only now feel like I’m starting to live but it’s great. I don’t think about that whole decade that went by with “nothing”, I focus on what I can do **right now** to make things good. If you can’t change big things right now (i.e. career), focus on the smaller things that you can do to make you happy each day 🙂


  5. Happy Birthday to you and I’m sure you have an amazing life ahead of you. Dream Big and take the small steps towards it right now. The whole world is waiting to celebrate many many birthdays with you…! All the best


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