#ShoeSaturday – My Black and White Booties

Happy Saturday!

I hope you are having an amazing weekend. Today I come with an exciting post. Around the end of November/beginning of December of last year I was contacted by a Piccadilly rep that wanted to send me a pair of shoes to write another blog post about them since she had seen the one I had written previously, so naturally I couldn’t say no! I got to choose the ones I wanted and here they are:

wpid-wp-1422114743617.jpegThey are a black and white booties that have criss-crossed belt on the front. I asked the same size of the ones I had but I think because the shape of the shoe is slightly different, this ones are a little bit loose but it’s ok. They are cushioned inside so they feel as soft as my slippers. They also have a soft lining all around the shoe so they don’t give you blisters.


Besides, they have a protection on the back of the heel which is amazing considering I have a ball on my heel that has been preventing me to wearing certain pairs of shoes that are a little too tight on that area. (yes, I have to get that checked out, I know) I’m absolutely happy with these shoes and they are super comfy. I walk around a mall with them on and had no complaints at all!

wpid-wp-1422114748525.jpegThey also come in all black and black an grey if you want to check them out. They ship internationally and they have different kinds of currency so you know exactly how much you have to pay. Shout out to Marina who was super nice to me and thanks for contacting me! If you want to see me unpacking the shoes watch this video.

Hope you liked todays post and try this brand of shoes because they are amazing!



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