Video: Apartment Update – The Kitchen

Happy Tuesday!


I hope you are having a lovely day. If you have been following me for a while you know that I moved to a studio apartment where I’m living on my own. (I’m a grown up!) So I have been organizing and getting some stuff for my new place. Here’s what I got:

  1. An electric stove which was a gift from one of my aunts.
  2. An utensil hanger that I bought from avon
  3. Pan grabbers and gloves that my mom made me
  4. A broom, mop and dustpan combo I got from homecenter
  5. Broom and mop hanger that I also bought from avon
  6. Two white plastic shelves from homecenter

You can see everything in more detailed and how it is organized in my kitchen in the video I posted on my youtube channel and subscribe for more videos 🙂

I hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for what I have in the rest on the apartment. Also I have a facebook page that you can like if you want. I will put more stuff there.



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