#ShoeSaturday – How to care for your shoes


Happy Saturday!

I hope you are having a fun weekend. My sabbath was ruined by a lot of cleaning up to do and an article due today for school. Hence my blog posting was pushed to the very last moment. Thankfully, I had something planned for today. Today I bring you some tip and tricks to care for your babies, I mean, shoes. I’m using the tips provided by Piccadilly when they sent me my black and white booties.


*Do not fully immerse your shoes in water.  Does that include walking in the pouring raing? Cause in that case I have a great excuse for not getting out of my bed when it rains here 😉

*Do not put your shoes into washing machines or tumble dryers. No wonder why my tennis shoes wouldn’t last during highschool. I blame my mom.

*Clean the shoes with a soft brush and a dry sponge, or with a damp cloth and neutral soap. Is a cloth damped with water enough? I’m lazy and this sounds like I would have to sit with my shoes for a long time…

*The shoe should be dried in the shade, never directly in the sun. Again,  I get why my tennis shoes wouldn’t last in highschool. MOM!

Bad Odours

*Let the shoe rest for 24 hours after using. They have to rest from your smelly feet, right? I’m kidding, I also read that it helps your shoe to adapt to your feet shape so they are not as painful.

*In case of bad smells, use antiseptic tal and leave for 48 hours. Or don’t buy plastic shoes and keep your feet clean. Don’t walk around your house’s dirty floor barefoot and then put on your flats without socks.

This turned out to be a bit longer than expected, so I will put conservation tips next week. Hope you enjoyed and laughed a little. Follow me so you don’t miss any posts!




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