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#MakeUpMonday – What’s in my makeup bag?


Happy Monday!!!

I’m back with a #MakeUpMonday post after a little hiatus. I needed to get inspired and plan some posts!

Today I’m going to show you what’s in my makeup bag, I was insìred my Nikki Phillipi who’s doing a #MakeUpBagMonday on instagram, I decided to join and I want you join too! I usually try to do my makeup  before I elave my house, but when I’m in a rush I only prime my eyes and do my eyebrows and then do the rest of my makeup on the bus ride. Here’s what’s in my makeup bag:

  • A Hello Kitty mirror I’ve had for like 13 years, I’ve dropped it a million times and it hasn’t broken. Way to go Sanrio!
  • My CyZone Cy Twelve O’clock eye shadow palette. It allows me to vary my everyday make up with the different options I have in in tiny palette.
  • My CyZone Easy 2 Draw Liquid eye liner in thin tip. I think they discontinued this one but they have another one just as good. I use this one to to a very thin line over my top lash line,
  • My Jolie forever liquid eye liner. The tip on this one is ticker so it’s perfect to wind my line out.
  • My Esika Extra Curve Eyelash Mascara. It’s cap is supposed to double as an eyelash curler but I’ve never used it. My eyelashes look freat anyway.
  • My CyZone Soft Moves eyeliner. Lately I’ve been very neutral with my makeup so I’ve been carrying the soft brown color 🙂
  • My Vitu Black eye liner. It has jojoba oil. This whole brand is made with natural products. And I use this one to line my water line.
  • A brush and a couple of sponges to apply my eyeshadows.

As you can see I’m an eye liner hoarder… But I actually use them, not like my lipsticks that I don’t really use that much.

I can’t wait to see your make up bags on instagram and I hope you enjoyed my post.




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