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#WishItWednesday – Adorable LipBalms

Happy Wednesday!

When I post this I will probably be on my way to a colloquium about music and socitety in another university. I knew this week was going to be busier and I planned everything ahead. Anyway, the other day I was browsing throgh Forever 21’s website and I stumble upon a ton of adorable lip balms. They have a huge variety! It was hard to pick some favorites but here they are:

00115290 02.jpg  750×1101 00096813 01.jpg  750×1101 00052469 01.jpg  750×1101

00099193 01.jpg  750×1101

The first one to caught my eye was the Metallic Owl one and then I discovered they have diferent versions of the owl and also comes in a set! Then I found the French Fries, which look very fun and then the Pig. I love pigs and couldn’t resist it’s cute little face. If you are a lipbalm hoarder you should check them out (or not, you may break the bank!)

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!




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