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#MakeUpMonday – My nail polish collection

Happy Monday!

How’s your day going? In my country, today is festive so I have no school. yay!

I own 10 nail polishes. Most of them are pink. In different shades. And I paint my nails probably once a month or less. Why do I have so many?


They are all by vogue fantastic except for one. They are less than a dollar here and the quality is awesome so that’s why I get these. They all have a number and a name on the bottom so here’s the list of what I own:

  1. 124 Tropical. This one is a “sand effect” it’s really sparkly and not that hard to take of considering all the glitter it has.
  2. 17 Geranio. This one is really pretty. I actually saw it on someone else and went on the hunt for one of my own.
  3. 90 Pizarra. This one is dark chalkboard gray and I bought my own after my sister let me borrow hers.
  4. 154 Masmelo. Or marshmellow. This one is a “sugary effect” it has white little things and it’s a pretty lilac, but it’s a pain in the a** to remove.
  5. 15 Rosa Glass.This one is a really pale pink you can barely see the sample on the picture. This was one of the very firts vogue nail polishes I got along with the next one.
  6. 12 Cielo Rosa. This one is pretty much a clear pink sparkly one. I usually use it on top of other nail polishes to give them an extra sparkly touch. I doesn’t show up very much on its own.
  7. 91 Encanto. Another light pink. Very pretty.
  8. 120 Añil. This one is kind of blue and purple at the same time. It looks really nice on.
  9. 18 Cereza. Cherry. A very dark color and I like it a lot.

The other one I have is from Hot Designs. It’s a nail polish pen that my brother brought me from Texas. You can writte and doodle with them but it’s kind of hard to work with. That’s why my handwritting looks funny in the picture.


I hope you enjoyed today’s post!





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