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#MakeUpMonday – My Lipstick collection

Happy Monday!

I’m back in college and was the most boring monday ever! Hope you had a great day though. I don’t really wear lipsticks or lipbalms very frequently, but somehow I have managed to hoard a little bit in that department.


So, from left to right, here’s what I have:

  1. This is the very first lipstick I ever got back when I was a 14 year old model. It’s the number 832 by Mon Rรจve, a pretty shimmery pink. They don’t have this color anymore, but you can check what they have here
  2. This probably was the second one. It’s by a brand named BeChic in the color daisy pink. To be honest I got it because Daisy is my favorite mickey mouse character… Good reasoning… But it is a beautiful color and it’s really soft and moisturizing.
  3. I got this from Avon when I was working as an English teacher and a colleage sold avon. They are the Color Trend pop love line and this color is bubblegum. It tastes and smells like bubblegum.
  4. And this one is Strawberry. It also smells and tastes like strawberry.
  5. The next one is a Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter in the color 055 Cupcake. It’s the lighest shade of pink I have and it’s kind of darin to wear it. My mom gave it to me when I told her I wanted one of these.
  6. This one I bought it from Esika because I wanted a lipstick that look like the one Demi Lovato wears on her “here we go again” album cover. It’s the shade Fucsia Fantasia from their Ultra Suavizante line.
  7. This one Avon gave me as a birthday gift when I first started selling their productos. It’s the shade pink from one of their Ultra Color Rich lines.
  8. And the last one I have no idea where it comes from and it’s a red that I only use as a blush when I need to. Too red for my taste to wear on my lips.

That’s it! 8 lipsticks when I don’t really wear them that much… Dear lord, wait until you see my lipbalm/lipgloss hoarding…




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