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#MakeUpMonday – My lip balm collection

Happy Monday!
Last week I showed you my lipstick collection, so now I’m going to show you the lip balm and lip gloss stash. Which is bigger. Dear lord!


1. These two are by the brand Vitu, both with cocoa butter in cherry and raspberry flavor.
2. These two were.given to me in high-school by my best friend. The Claire’s lip gloss has a leak which is why I don’t carry it around with me and the liquid lip smacker in strawberry is actually empty. Side note, I graduated from high school 8 years ago.
3. These two have no label so I have no clue where I got them. They both strawberry scented and we all had that roller ball lip gloss!
4. This was my very first lip balm. My mom gave it to me when I was around 7 when we moved to Japan because my lips would get really dry during the winter.
5. This is the Cy Star Glow lip gloss in bubble gum by CyZone. It was a gift before I started selling their products.
6. The avon strawberry lip gloss. This tastes and smells like strawberries. Great for kissing 😘
7. The effet parfait lip balm by L’bel. This is moisturizing and has fps 18. It’s really good!
8. This is the nude lip balm. I got it along with a sun screen. It has fps 15.
9. I got these with a birthday gift card and they pop open really easily so I don’t carry them around with me and have hardly used them.

Wow, that’s a lot!



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