#Friday Favorite – Ritz Handi Snacks

Happy Friday!

How are you?? This week was kind of crazy, I didn’t at all and considering is the last month of college I’m going to be pretty busy. I hope you are understanding if I don’t post sometimes. Today I want to share with you a snack that I’ve been loving for quite sometime. The Ritz Handi Snacks:dscf1733.jpg  600×600

My boyfriend gave me some of these and boy they taste good! And they are a pretty clever invention cause it includes everything you need to have a nice little snack. He bought a box of 30 packs that I found on amazon for a pretty reasonable price. I’m amazed of all the stuff you can buy on there!

Amazon.com  Nabisco Handi Snacks Ritz Crackers N  Cheese Dip   30 Packs

If you want to try, and you should, click on the crackers to find them! Now I got hungry from writting this… I’m gonna go eat… Hope you too




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