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#MakeUpMonday – Beauty Gadgets #1 My Nail Kit

Happy Monday!!!

How’s your week starting? Today is festive in my country, don’t ask me why, Colombia has too many festives and its hard to keep track of them all. Actually is the second country with most holidays, the first one is Argentina… Anyway, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA but I’ve been finishing college and it has been kicking my butt! I run this blog on my own so sometimes it can be a little hard to manage everything on my own and thank you for being so understanding!

Today I want to show a beauty gadget I recently got thanks to an amazing deal on one of my direct sales catalog. The Γ©sika nail kit! It usually costs around 20-30 dollas but I got this one for 5 dollars with the purchase of a nail polish. Lucky for me, the nail polish I ordered to be able to get this didn’t arrive so I don’t have to sell that. Win!


My sister has one by conair (I think so) that has way more handles but for someone who doesn’t fix her nails as much this works just fine. It tickles a little but it helps me keep my nails decent looking without having to spend too much time on them. It works AA batteries so I put some rechargeable ones, you know, cause regular ones are bad for the enviroment. I found a pretty similar one on amazon for 2.89!!!! and It says is a numer 1 best seller in nail repair!!! talk about great deal!

I hope you enjoy today’s post and thank you for being patient with me. Have a great week!




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