Make up

#MakeUpMonday – My favorite shampoo and conditioner

Happy Monday

For today’s post I’m going to share the best shampoo I’ve owned so far. It’s the Avon Naturals Complete Repair. I have bottles of 1 L each and I got them a little over a year ago and I still have to of them left.


They contain chocolate and Brazilian nuts (Brazilians just called them nuts, lol) They are unsalted which is always a great thing to look for on Shampoos. Apparently salt is very damaging to your hair. No wonder why it never occured to me to put salt on mine. It’s great for chemicaly treated hair and it doesn’t harm the coloration of my blonde hair which is a big plus. It says that it has a low ph and work with natural science technology. Whatever that means, sounds good.


Also, it makes your scalp smell like chocolate, who wouldn’t want that???

Let me know if you have tried these shampoo or if you plan to. I hope you have a great week.




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