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#MakeUpMonday – My new concealer

Happy Monday!!!

After I filmed my video for the It Cosmetics Contest, I realized I had pretty bad under eye dark circles. So I went ahead and got my self a concealer cause I wasn’t very happy with the one I had. I found this one by Maybelline in the color Cream. It’s called the Super Stay 24 hr Concealer.

This shade blends in perfectly with my skin and works great on its own. Which is perfect cause you know I donยกt wear foundation or any thing else on my face, just my eye make up. I even used it alone on a day I didn’t feel like wearing eye makeup with just lip stick and you couldn’t telI ย I was wearing it. It dries up pretty well and does last all day.

I wouldn’t recommend it if you have super sensitive skin cause I saw one review saying they had and allergic reaction to it so make sure you read the ingredients before purchasing it, but in my case, it worked pretty well with no weird reactions at all.




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