#ShoeSaturday – How I made walking in flats bearable

Happy Saturday!

I hope today’s post is helpfull to those of you who like me, find it less tiring to walk in heels than in flats. Like Gloria said in that episode of Modern Family where she got sick and was too dizzy for heals, how do people walk in those?

I got tired on the pain on my feet from walking around in flats cause they have no support and you feel everything you step on. So I got my self some insoles I found on one of my Avon catalogues.


They have all these circles all over it to reduce the impact on your feet from walking. It makes it easier to walk around in flats all day. And they’re designed so you can easily cut down to exactly the size you need. I cut off just a little bit on the front to fit my shoes and since there’s construction going on outiside of my appartment and getting out of here in heels is probably dangerous, these have been my hero.


If you also need some help with your flats you can buy some insoles here. Let’s make walking in flats less painful.




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