#ShoeSaturday – New In: Black boots

Happy Saturday!

I got back to my house this morning and discovered somebody in my building used my washer without permission (I have it on the patio where there’s place for other machines and they’re supposed to rent if the don’t own one). I found it plugged in and with detergent soap all over it. It is not okay to use something that is not yours or of public use and leave it all dirty.

Anyway, rant over. Let’s get to the important topic here. While I was at my mom’s she took me to our friend’s shoe store to pick out some shoes and she also gave me a pair of flats she bought, used once, and couldn’t really handle walking on them. We are all more of a heels kind of girls. My sister also gave a pair of her shoes that she hasn’t worn in a while. So I came back with six pair of new shoes. Make sure to follow me to see them all and I will post a haul to my youtube channel soon as well.


The first pair I wore where this boots. I actually think I wore them the same day I bought to go have dinner with my family. They are really comfortable and look really nice on. I hadn’t have a pair of flat boot’s in a while so they were pretty much necessary. IMG_20160320_172419

Actually, my sister had her eyes on them before I went with my mom but they didn’t fit very good on her. The boot was too big for her skinny leg and a size smaller was too tight on her feet. But they fit perfectly on me and she said she knew I would like them. IMG_20160320_172442

I’m so excited to be sharing new shoes with you. I feel like I haven’t been shoe shopping in a really long time. Make sure you follow me cause there’s more coming your way 🙂




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