#ShoeSaturday – New in: My silver oxfords

Happy aah Sunday?

I know I was supposed to post this yesterday but I spent the day organising some stuff for today and the I went to have dinner with my boyfriend and his family and when I came back I was so tired that I forgot, but I’m posting it today before I get to work. Sorry!

2016-03-20 16.48.29

As I mentioned in my Shoe Haul, these ones fit like a glove. They’re extremely comfortable for being brand new leather shoes and I didn’t get any blister. Not even a miniature one.

2016-03-20 16.48.04

I don’t usually go for small heels like this cause usually they’re not that easy to walk in but this was the perfect height for and everyday kind of heel. I recently decided to no buy completely flat shoes cause, for me, they are more uncomfortable and I get more tired walking on them.

2016-03-20 16.47.54

I love their unique design. They’re not the kind of shoe you see all over Instagram, you know. I’m not a big fan of the shoe laces but they gave others when I bought them that I will use later on.

2016 03 31

Here’s how I wore them for the first time. I actually had a bigger coat on cause it’s been really cold around here.

I hope you enjoyed this post and again, sorry I’m late but I figured better late than never, right?




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