#ShoeSaturday – New in: Black Oxfords

Happy Saturday!

Today in writing from a garage sale I’m working at and just sold a ton of CD’s. yay! Today’s post is a bit bittersweet because I love these shoes, I think they’re gorgeous but oh god they gave huge blisters. I’m still healing the wounds.

2016-03-19 20.35.19

These are the black oxfords I bought at Toravi. They are beautiful patent leather and I love the laces. I wore them on a Friday when I had tons of walking to do. Big Mistake! The leather was so hard that it gave me the worst blisters I’ve had in my life. I had break into my school’s first aid kit to get some rubbing alcohol and bandages before I lost the skin on my ankle and toes.

2016-03-19 20.35.29

I should have broken them in before I wore them out because by the end of the day walking was really painful. Seriously make sure you walk around in your house for at least an hour with new shoes to make sure they won’t kill your feet.

2016-03-19 20.35.40

I still think they’re beautiful but I will make sure they’re soft enough to wear out before I put them on again. For now I’m just letting my feet recover from that.

I’ve been posting the shoes in the order I wore them so make sure to watch my Shoe Haul video to see what’s next πŸ˜‰




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