How To Clean Your Closet

Happy Friday!

I started college this week and have spent more time at work than in school. I actually enjoy it more. But before I started I had to clear out my closet of the clothes I don’t wear anymore and make sure I wear every thing I wear. I tend to forget things I have because I don’t see them and wear the same things over and over.

Makespace 1

I also have clothingย for warmer climate and I live in a really cold city so they’re just sitting there. I’m moving to a smaller apartment in my building soon so having a system like MakeSpace. I could just save whatever I don’t use often on a storage unit. The great thing about this is that they pick up your stuff from your home and take it to your storage unit and viceversa. So if you don’t have time or a car like I do, somebody else can pick up whatever you need!

If you’d like anymore information on MakeSpace, check out their self storage locations!

Makespace Phone Image

I think it’s a great idea and would come handy for anyone. Now watch my video to see how I decided on what to keep and what not.

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