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On My Wish List – Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

Happy Tuesday! I haven't posted in a while and I'm really sorry about that. My life got extremely complicated and I have been working non stop. I'm exhausted to be honest but I have to make huge efforts to pay rent and school buses. I still can't pay for my college tuition though. Anyway, yesterday… Continue reading On My Wish List – Good Girl by Carolina Herrera


I’m in love: Alice in wonderland shoes

Happy Wednesday I love Alice in Wonderland, is one of my favourite stories and movies and when I saw Chyaz unboxing one pair of shoes inspired by it from Irregular Choice I had to look at them and admire them. This brand has some very interesting shoes and I wish I had this pair in… Continue reading I’m in love: Alice in wonderland shoes


#ShoeSaturday – Updated Shoe Organization System

Happy Saturday! I took a week off from youtube and blogging. It's may, finals are approaching and I'm about to go insane with so many papers to do. But I'm excited cause something arrived today and I want to share it with you. With so many shoe's coming in one shelf tower isn't enough. I… Continue reading #ShoeSaturday – Updated Shoe Organization System


#ShoeSaturday – New in: Black Oxfords

Happy Saturday! Today in writing from a garage sale I'm working at and just sold a ton of CD's. yay! Today's post is a bit bittersweet because I love these shoes, I think they're gorgeous but oh god they gave huge blisters. I'm still healing the wounds. These are the black oxfords I bought at… Continue reading #ShoeSaturday – New in: Black Oxfords


Happy Easter! – Easter Bunny Shoes

Happy Sunday! I was studying for my German Mid-Term tomorrow and went to youtube for some reason and saw Grav3yardgirl uploaded a shoe un-boxing video so I had to watch. The shoes are from a brand named Irregular Choice and they're beautiful! I hope you enjoyed today's post, I really had to share that with… Continue reading Happy Easter! – Easter Bunny Shoes


#ShoeSaturday – New In: Black boots

Happy Saturday! I got back to my house this morning and discovered somebody in my building used my washer without permission (I have it on the patio where there's place for other machines and they're supposed to rent if the don't own one). I found it plugged in and with detergent soap all over it.… Continue reading #ShoeSaturday – New In: Black boots