How I Dyed My Hair

Happy Wednesday! Today I'm going to show you how I ended up with this redish blonde kind of purple hair. It was initially intended to be strawberry blonde and the directions I found online said to mix have a box of red hair dye with a full blonde one. My red one said "intense coloring"… Continue reading How I Dyed My Hair


Video: Follow me around on an eventfull Sunday

Happy Monday! Last Sunday I went to a concert and then walked around the Botero Museum in Bogotรก and I took you with me. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the plus size version on the Monalisa that he painted. (Fernado Botero is a Colombian artist know for doing everything fat)… Continue reading Video: Follow me around on an eventfull Sunday


On My Wishlist – Kindle PaperWhite

Happy Wednesday! Recently I've been considering getting a Kindle Paperwhite because I have to read a lot of .pdfs for school and my eyes get really tired. I'm saving to get corrective eye surgery next year and I should care for my eyes even more.     A friend of mine has one and it's… Continue reading On My Wishlist – Kindle PaperWhite