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Party Make Up Tutorial

Happy Sunday! Right now I'm at work. This is prescheduled. I wanted to share one of my latest videos that I'm very proud of. I hope you liked it because I enjoyed working on it a ton! Don't forget to subscribe and or follow to see my future content. I have tons of videos in… Continue reading Party Make Up Tutorial

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Avon ultra color revolution lipstick first impressions video

Happy Thursday! I've been doing some reviews of certain products on my youtube channel. I did one on an ésika gel eyeliner and now I tried this new avon lipstick with a gel formula. I hope you enjoyed and found helpful this video. Make sure you subscribe so you can watch new videos as soon… Continue reading Avon ultra color revolution lipstick first impressions video

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#MakeUpMonday – My MakeUp Collection

Happy Monday! Today you get to see my entire makeup collection and see how I store it. It probably is the smallest makeup collection in the youtube beauty community. I'm not sponsored by any cosmectics brand, I'm a direct sales representative so sometimes I get free products but most of the time I get them… Continue reading #MakeUpMonday – My MakeUp Collection