Party Make Up Tutorial

Happy Sunday!

Right now I’m at work. This is prescheduled. I wanted to share one of my latest videos that I’m very proud of.

I hope you liked it because I enjoyed working on it a ton! Don’t forget to subscribe and or follow to see my future content. I have tons of videos in the making and may have finally figured out a schedule. I won’t announce it just yet because I don’t want to dissapoint anyone but you will get use to it.




Beauty Empties #2

Happy Tuesday!

Today I bring you three empty products I’ve repurchased. They’re all by CyZone so you probably can only get it in latin america. Sorry!


This first one is their dry shampoo, Be Sexy Dry Cleaning. It’s way cheaper than the batiste one, works really well and smells pretty good. This is actually the third or fourth bottle I purchase.


This is Be Sexy Protect, their heat protectant gel. I actually like it very much. It goes on smoothly and works well. This is a kind of new product so it’s the second bottle I’ve bought and I couldn’t find it online.


And last but not least, their Express Your Face Makeup Remover. It takes of your makeup (even waterproof) very gently and doesn’t leave your face all sticky and greasy. With just a gentle wash your good to go to bed.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and let me know if you try it or if you have some suggestions for me to try.




Video: CyZone CyGloss Lip Gloss

Happy Friday!

I come today with another beauty video, after a couple of technical difficulties. My computer’s charger died so I had to borrow one from a friend 🙂

You can find this lip glosses on CyZone‘s catalogues but you can only purchase them if you live in latin america. I couldn’t find them on their wedsite so you should look for a consultant.

I hope you enjoyed today’s video!




#MakeUpMonday – My MakeUp Collection

Happy Monday!

Today you get to see my entire makeup collection and see how I store it. It probably is the smallest makeup collection in the youtube beauty community. I’m not sponsored by any cosmectics brand, I’m a direct sales representative so sometimes I get free products but most of the time I get them with great discounts.

After I filmed this video I got the Avon Color Trend Lip Balm with flavor in Cherry and the Avon Color Trend Lipstick y fucsia hawaii. It smells really good and it turned out to be something different from what I already had so I don’t regret it. The boyfriend liked the cherry lipbalm 🙂wpid-dsc_0050.jpgwpid-dsc_0049.jpg

Check these posts for more details on the products I have:

+Lipstick Collection

+Lipbalm Collection

+My eyeliners

+My favorite eyeshadow

+My Concealer

+My Eye Primer

I hope you enjoyed and let me know what your favorite makeup products are. Maybe I can give them a try.