How To Clean Your Closet

Happy Friday! I started college this week and have spent more time at work than in school. I actually enjoy it more. But before I started I had to clear out my closet of the clothes I don't wear anymore and make sure I wear every thing I wear. I tend to forget things I… Continue reading How To Clean Your Closet


I’m loving it: Demi Lovato: Path to Fame by Episode

Happy Monday First of all, Sorry I've been M.I.A. I got really busy with a school project and this week is going to be insane. I've been planning on posting this for a while. I discovered this game by searching "demi lovato" on the google play store on my phone and inmediately downloaded it. A… Continue reading I’m loving it: Demi Lovato: Path to Fame by Episode


#FridayFavorite – Lipton Tea Bags

Happy Friday! I have a confession to make... I'm a tea addict. I drink at least twice a day. Sometime up to four.... I've been going thtough tea bags boxes quite fast. I recently discovered that Lipton actually makes tea bags as well. I only knew their bottles of iced tea. I got this yellow… Continue reading #FridayFavorite – Lipton Tea Bags


#FavoriteFriday – My new backpack!

Happy Friday! How did you finished your week? I went to college today for the only one hour class I had and the professor didn't go. The school didn't have the decency to tell the students. Big fail. Anyway, last week I mentioned I got an actual backpack for school and it arrived a couple… Continue reading #FavoriteFriday – My new backpack!


#FridayFavorite – This beautiful sweater

Happy Friday! I hope you are ending the week as happy as I am! I'm finally back in college! I wore this sweater yesterday with some leggings and my black and white booties and starting with my boyfriend, I received a parade of compliments! A friend of my stole it from her mom's closet and… Continue reading #FridayFavorite – This beautiful sweater