How To Clean Your Closet

Happy Friday! I started college this week and have spent more time at work than in school. I actually enjoy it more. But before I started I had to clear out my closet of the clothes I don't wear anymore and make sure I wear every thing I wear. I tend to forget things I… Continue reading How To Clean Your Closet


How To Style a V-Neck Sweater

Happy Thursday! I'm trying to get back on track with my videos and blog cause I've been M.I.A due to technical difficulties. I actually have various videos filmed but the editing process has beenΒ a bit difficult. I worked pretty hard on this one so I hope you enjoy it. I hope this gave you some… Continue reading How To Style a V-Neck Sweater


Happy Easter! – Easter Bunny Shoes

Happy Sunday! I was studying for my German Mid-Term tomorrow and went to youtube for some reason and saw Grav3yardgirl uploaded a shoe un-boxing video so I had to watch. The shoes are from a brand named Irregular Choice and they're beautiful! I hope you enjoyed today's post, I really had to share that with… Continue reading Happy Easter! – Easter Bunny Shoes

Make up

#MakeUpMonday – My MakeUp Collection

Happy Monday! Today you get to see my entire makeup collection and see how I store it. It probably is the smallest makeup collection in the youtube beauty community. I'm not sponsored by any cosmectics brand, I'm a direct sales representative so sometimes I get free products but most of the time I get them… Continue reading #MakeUpMonday – My MakeUp Collection