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On My Wish List – Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

Happy Tuesday! I haven't posted in a while and I'm really sorry about that. My life got extremely complicated and I have been working non stop. I'm exhausted to be honest but I have to make huge efforts to pay rent and school buses. I still can't pay for my college tuition though. Anyway, yesterday… Continue reading On My Wish List – Good Girl by Carolina Herrera


I’m wishing it – A cordless hair straightener

Happy Wednesday! Today's post comes to you thanks to my boyfriend, who told me about a miraculous invention. A cordless hair straightner! When I think about all the times I've knocked something over with the cord or the times I've dropped my flat iron cause the plug is too far from the table I can't help… Continue reading I’m wishing it – A cordless hair straightener


#WishItWednesday – A rotating shoe shelf

Happy Wednesday!!! My vacation days are almost over, I go back to college on Monday. I've been watching "2 broke girls" from the beginnig and couldn't help to fall in love with Caroline's "ferris heels" shoe storage system. I mean, see for yourself: Wouldn't you love to have one of those in your closet? I… Continue reading #WishItWednesday – A rotating shoe shelf


#WishItWednesday – Kipling 100 Pens Case

Happy Wednesday! I've been seeing the kipling 100 pens case around on instagram, and it seems very usefull. I has space for a lot of things and the little monkey is adorable. So I went and look on handy dandy amazon and they have a ton of different color options. I've seen a rose gold… Continue reading #WishItWednesday – Kipling 100 Pens Case


#WishItWednesday – All the bright places by Jennifer Niven

Happy Wednesday!!! Today's post came to me after seeing Zoella's June Favorites video, she mentioned this book and read the back summary thing and  talked a little about what she liked about it and it seems really interesting. Justine Magazine says: "A do not miss for fans of Eleanor and Park and The Fault in Our Stars, and basically anyone… Continue reading #WishItWednesday – All the bright places by Jennifer Niven


#WishItWednesday – Demi Lovato’s New Album

Happy Wednesday! I'm Fan Girling so hard today!!! Demi Lovato's new single "Cool For The Summer" came out today and it's already number one it a lot of places. Lovatics for the win!! It's super catchy and I love it and can't for the whole album to come out. I know, I don't even when… Continue reading #WishItWednesday – Demi Lovato’s New Album


#WishItWednesday – The Kikki K Why Not Planner

Happy Wednesday! I've been in total vacation mood an resting a lot, but I got bored and I've been brainstorming and planning different content for the blog and the youtube channel. So make sure you are following me everywhere to see what I post! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I'm… Continue reading #WishItWednesday – The Kikki K Why Not Planner


#WishItWednesday – Cute and Sexy Lingerie

Happy Wednesday! It's the middle of the week already! How are you doing? I hope amazingly! Today's post comes as inspiration from how great I've been feeling in my relationship. I don't know what love bug bit but I'm feeling happier and happier every day. I think it's the healthiest relationship I've been in. Anyway,… Continue reading #WishItWednesday – Cute and Sexy Lingerie


#WishItWednesday – Fan Girl, A novel by Rainbow Rowell

Happy Wednesday dear readers!!! I hope you are having a great week! I've been pretty good actually. Ever since I read Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor & Park, I fell in love in with his work. I couldn't put the book down and read it in no more than 2 weeks. It was cautivating and I'm curious… Continue reading #WishItWednesday – Fan Girl, A novel by Rainbow Rowell