#ShoeSaturday – Share your Shoe Story!!!

Happy Saturday!

How is your weekend going? I’m feeling better, this week was exhausting, but I slept like a sloth last night so I’m good now. This is a little hard to admit but… ummm…. I ran out of shoes to write about… I have shared with you every single shoe I have in my collection. I wish I could go and buy more so I could have something to share but let’s face it, I’m no millionaire… I’m a college student.. So I thought, why not share the stories of my readers?

If you want to share your shoe storie, email me ( two or three pictures of your shoes from different angles along with a brief story and some info to find you online like your instagram account or blog. Make sure you put on the subject “I want to share my shoe story”. I have 46 wordpress followers at the moment so it should give enough content for almost a year.

If you are a store and want to send me shoes to write about feel free to email me as well šŸ˜‰

I hope to hear from you soon!




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